Paintless Dent Repair Training

Paintless dent repair training

Paintless dent repair training

Paintless dent repair training has become increasingly popular in the last few years. However, it is important for those who wish to be trained in paintless dent repairs to make the right choice. Generally speaking, there are relatively few options particularly in Australia for PDR Training.

To make the right choices in choosing the right paintless dent repair training facility,

  • ensure that the training facility offers either one-on-one or at least offers to be with you on the premises to offer assistance.
  • ensure that the tools are available to be used or if proper tools are provided with the training
  • ensure they provide both training with use of pushing tools and also pulling (glue and pull).
  • ensure they have proven experience in what they are trying to teach (demonstration in pushing difficult dents and also number of years being at least 7 years with a variety of storm events and retail repair experience)
  • ensure you check if there are follow-up professional training to streamline the skills in the real world

Be sure if you are offered to have a franchise in terms of paintless dent removal repairs that you are aware what this means. Often the terms stipulate regions which means you can only repair in those regions. If your regions does not have much in the way of hailstorm activity climatologically, you will find your work may be somewhat limited.

However, world wide trends suggest that the retail market is the way to go. Most of the PDR Technicians tend to target the hailstorm damage which is seasonal. Other target car yards but remember these are repeat business and require some sort of discount. The retail market offers much more opportunities.

When approaching a paintless dent repair training course, be sure to ask about how to best target retail or at least what are the options.